Why invest with Enrichers Investment Group
Enrichers Investments

Why to invest with Enrichers Investment Group?

Enrichers Investment Group (EIG) is a leading investment company managing a strategic investment consortium. Since its inception in 2011, EIG actively offers investment in niche markets of real estate, Forex trading, stocks, physical trade, business brokerage, and agri-division.

EIG is one of the best and most trusted investment companies in Pakistan.

Enrichers pursue continuous advancements in trading technology. Our mission is to give tailored investment opportunities to meet clients’ diversified needs. Complying with the Government Regulations, we maintain transparent relations with our clients. We provide a secure trading environment and offer the best open trading conditions for every trader.

Wide Range of Investments

We provide diversified yet watertight investment opportunities to our clients. For more than a decade, we have fostered a culture of excellence in a diversified range of products. Be it operating through the trading account in financial markets or joint ventures through Musharakah in agri-division, our transparent approach unveils our esteemed people’s integrity and accountability.

Risk Management

We believe that profiting is managing your risk, which is a pivotal means of growing wealth. Our risk-management system is built on our in-depth market analytics comprising of specific client’s requirements. Markets are volatile in nature, and risk is about instability, which effectively mitigates the risk. For this purpose, we have our experts at your disposal specialized in various technical fields to provide you tailored risk-management options.

Client Service

Our financial advisers make every attempt to build one-on-one relationships with clients; we never lose sight of our core values and the long-term investment objective. Our stanch principles, investment philosophy, and client service have positioned us as the most professional conglomerate across Pakistan. We invest in traders to help them develop the right skills and knowledge they need to trade efficiently and responsibly.

Specialized Teams

We believe people can be inspired, and results can be elevated by a shared vision and shared successes. The reason being EIG cultivates teamwork and alliance around unique investment approaches and diverse perspectives within each distinct investment division and operational area. Each of our investment teams offers profound expertise within particular areas of portfolio management. We have a pool of professionals who are here to educate you round the clock. Our team plays a unique role in making what Enrichers is today.

Ranked Among Top Market Share

Enrichers Investment Group is ranked among the top 5 brokers in Pakistan. Enrichers stand tall among its competitors by providing the best trading services in Pakistan with the top market share.

Our Offerings:

Real Estate Investments

We provide an extensive range of investment opportunities in real estate. From viable Enrichers Hostels to personalized Enrichers Farmhouses, investing in pre-construction properties to guaranteed rental properties, our real estate experts got you covered to maximize your returns and mitigate the risks.

  • Land Banking
  • Apartments (Enrichers Heights)
  • Commercial Properties
  • Pre-construction Properties on Installments
  • Guaranteed Rental Properties
  • Partnering in Project Development

Financial Investments

Enrichers Investment Group is the leading brokerage company in Pakistan. Investment in Financial Markets is the mainstream business of EIG. Over the years, we have generated the momentum to be the market leaders in the respective industry. EIG offers trading and hedging of commodities across assorted segments consisting of gold and agriculture commodities, U.S. stocks, and Forex.

  • Commodities
    • Deliverable Futures
    • Cash Settled Futures
  • US Stocks Investment
    • NASDAQ-100
    • S&P 500
    • Dow 30 Jones
  • Currencies
  • Hedging

Physical Trade

At Enrichers Investment Group, we provide our clients with diversified opportunities to buy and hold physical commodities, be it precious metal commodities or agriculture commodities. EIG facilitates its traders in physical trade under its various subheads.

  • Gold
  • Red Chilli
  • Sugar
  • Potato
  • Rice
  • Wheat
  • Cotton

Business Brokerage

We aim to offer our clients a vast landscape of business brokerage opportunities. Our experts have hands-on experience in the domain; they keep a laser-focused eye on the buying and selling cycle of the business market to harmonize Bid with an Ask.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Buy & Sell Business
  • Franchise Brokerage
  • Business Valuation
  • Equity Stake& Start-Up Funding
  • Investment Broker

Enri- Farms (Agri- Division)

Enri-farms is a subsidiary of Enrichers Investment Group agri-division. We provide a consortium of investment opportunities in the agriculture and food industry by proposing a joint venture through Musharakah.

  • Potato cultivation (International)
  • Potato cultivation (Domestic) + Export
  • Exports of frozen meat and seafood
  • Processing units (pulp, paste, and frozen vegetables)
  • Dairy sector (cheese, pasteurized milk, and more)

With the latest investment trends, our platform constantly adapts the change and identifies the best possible investment avenue for our clients with efficiency and reliability. Our commitment to work allows us to earn clients’ respect across Pakistan.