Faisal Grewal

Faisal Grewal graduate from the The University of London from where he received Bachelors in Law with Honors is an integral part of Enrichers. Prior to joining the company, Mr. Grewal worked with different multinational and Government Departments.

Mr. Grewal is a trial lawyer specializing in Civil and corporate affairs and is Vice Chairman of Human Rights Committee, Lahore High Court, Lahore. With his superb knowledge of the market Mr. Grewal brings a fresh approach to the company. Mr. Grewal advises Enrichers on a range of legal subjects with expertise in Corporate and Civil Matters. He is responsible for looking after every aspect of the firm’s dealings and for setting out the firm’s corporate policies. Mr. Grewal is responsible for counseling corporations on evaluating, acquiring, licensing and protecting company’s rights and implementing efficient corporate risk-management policies.