Enri-Farms a subsidiary of Enrichers Investment Group provides a consortium of investment opportunities in the agriculture and food industry by proposing a joint venture through Musharakah. Having a deep understanding and hands-on skills of the ecology of agriculture and the food industry our agri-experts with resilient agricultural practices have gained the experience to optimize all technical knowledge needed to carry out agri-based businesses.

We intrinsically a Private Equity firm are here to envision opportunities by exploring new avenues in the agriculture sector to suit the needs of every business dream. Enri-Farms resonate with EIG’s vision of enhancing the efficiency and economic development of Pakistan. Identically, it will promote and build a framework for agro-based sectors through joint ventures helping in identifying opportunities for agricultural and food diversification.

Enri-Farms Agriculture Consultancy


At Enri-Farms we have an experienced team for efficient farm management, and access to updated agricultural technology. Our market research coupled with international market exposure makes us the only company in Pakistan to open up international venues for local clients.

Our specialists provide agricultural and environmental related consultancy services to government and non-government organizations, public agencies, private companies as well as individual farmers to accelerate business capability in the agri-sector. We empower our clients with experience and expertise on a range of agricultural land, agronomy, and other farming-related affairs. Our consultants meet optimum outcomes by managing environmental risk to achieve our clients’ business goals.

Enri-farms solutions are well-versed by the intact supply chain, which allows us to transport turnkey solutions to our esteemed clients. Our wide range of Business Model from farming to retailing, seasoned industry practitioners, top-quality research, and optimal use of technology enables us to deliver integrated solutions.  Here are some of the services we offer;

  • Crop Consulting
  • Environmental Planning
  • Soil Sampling
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Sampling Material Research

Farming Projects

Enri-Farms is offering efficient farm management solutions for investors who are interested in market products. We do it all for you from growing till harvesting and then an exclusive sales in export international market, to ensure the maximum profitability for our clients through our farming projects. Our farming projects are cut to the requirements of our prestigious clients as per their investment portfolios. We cater for both short and long term partnerships. Our suggested farming projects are:

  • Potato cultivation (Domestic) + Export
  • Potato cultivation (International)
  • Ostrich farming
  • Papaya Plantations
  • Moringa leaf cultivation + processing plant
  • Quinoa cultivation & Export

Exports & Imports


Enri-Farms is also handling all agricultural, dairy industry, and commercial exports of a variety of products. We can research and isolate products in demand in the international market and then offer prospective deals to interested investors who are willing to be part of an international product portfolio. We maintain high-quality standards to tap into international markets and seek buyers willing to pay premium prices for A+ grade products from Pakistan. Thus ensuring a stable and safe income base for your needs. Following are just some examples of exportable opportunities:

  • Potatoes
  • Frozen Beef
  • Frozen fish and frozen seafood
  • Frozen Ostrich meat
  • Chicken Feet & Chicken Paw

Processing units

Enri-Farms is offering partnerships for futuristic projects within the agricultural scope of Pakistan. We enter the market with a vision to create value addition to already available agricultural products and create new markets and newer business opportunities to suit your needs. An active presence in the market and a brand to be established. Some examples to start with:

  • Potato powder unit
  • Dairy products (yoghurt, flavored milk, flavored lassi, skimmed milk etc)
  • Paste making (Mango, Tomato etc)
  • Frozen vegetables

SME Projects


Enri-Farms is here to suit all the investment needs, venturing into small and medium partnership solutions with our professional management can give you a kick start in business which every new entry has been dreaming about. We partner into ventures to make success happen, our goals and markers for the success ladder are based upon the best quality products which can gain the confidence of our consumers along with winning their hearts. Developing brand loyalty through quality and purity. SME projects to think about:

  • Cheese production (Cheddar, Mozzarella, Ricotta & cream cheese)
  • Organic products (Desi Ghee, Butter, Wheat etc)
  • Pasteurized pouched milk