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About Us

Enrichers Investment Group (EIG)

Enrichers was founded in 2011 by Syed Abdullah Bukhari with a vision to revolutionize the investment industry in Pakistan by means of modern wealth management capabilities and transparent investor relations. At Enrichers, we provide manifold investment opportunities in ever-evolving real estate, financial markets, physical trade, and agri-division.
EIG, per se a private equity, uses its productivity frontier to create and execute a customized value plan for our clients to allow them to make smart financial choices contributing towards healthy long term returns. Our hierarchy of executives with their intense professional will and acute Risk Management Strategies scrutinizes that all legal due diligence is exercised to avoid any fiscal contingency.

Our Vision

To be a distinctive investment group with a goal of making each day better than yesterday, contributing towards Pakistan’s social and economic development, providing diversified water-tight investment solutions yet.

Enrichers Investment Group aims to prosper with its human capital not just through coaching skills but also through building character; envisioned the Day of Judgment.

Our Mission

  • Comply with all government regulations
  • Raise a consortium of new opportunities to meet clients’ diversified needs
  • Keep the all-weather approach of ongoing market trends
  • Provide customized yet watertight investment solutions
  • Educate clients to make smart financial choices
  • Deal all clients with integrity, objectivity, and the highest level of professional competence
  • Give job enrichment experience to our employees along with character building
  • Empower the workforce through leadership-centric culture
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Syed Abdullah Bukhari

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A Decade of Enrichers

Core Values


The fear of falling into hypocrisy indicates integrity. Rooted from within, it constitutes commitment and honesty to one’s self. It exists in our organization as an influence that migrates from executive to bottom tier. This is our ethical and professional obligation – to be truthful inside out. We mirror what we mean!


Taking complete responsibility – nothing less, nothing more. Every employee is an individual contributor. Ownership reinforces loyalty, and we believe that it is contagious, and we keep spreading it right through the organization. It makes every stakeholder accountable for the quality and timeliness of an outcome, drawing his/her concerns as if they own the organization.


Operating as a society, EIG reflects the Islamic culture of brotherhood, where we encourage bringing synergy in the setup encompassing strengths and weaknesses simultaneously. We back each other that triggers empathy one and all.

Group CEO’s Message

Syed Abdullah Bukhari

The business industry has endured hyper-competition due to Covid-19, dollar-feudalism, diversified client needs and technological advancement particularly in last year. The recent crisis of Covid-19 has dipped the world radically low. However, there is no second thought that the pandemic has been a defining moment in migrating the companies to technology and turning over a new leaf for businesses forever. According to latest survey, Covid-19 has paced up the adaptability; the digital technologies have taken a quantum leap by several years. Marking a dramatic shift in generating digital or digitally enhanced offerings, the Covid-19 put cold water on the orthodox approach of doing businesses and catalyzed competitive strategies and practices in business and economic environment.

Since the inception of Enrichers Investment Group (EIG) in 2011, we have been meeting the ever-evolving needs and expectations of our clients with diversified yet customized investment venues in financial markets, physical trade, real estate, and agri-division. Observing effectiveness as a discipline, we established detailed steps in structuring EIG as a business ecosystem company; independent and operating excellence in all segments.

EIG Core Team

Syed Tariq Hussain

Group – Chairman
Chartered Accountant – England | MBA (Finance & Accounting) York ...

Syed Abdullah Bukhari

Founder & Group CEO
Syed Abdullah Bukhari Founder & Group CEO Enrichers Investment Group ...

Hassan Mehmood

CEO – Enrichers Private Limited
A born leader who is equipped with strategically directing and ...

Hussnain Azfal Wattoo

Director – Operations & Business Development
Mr. Wattoo, an asset for EIG – a seasoned real ...

Nayyab Kashif

Director – Enri Farms
Mr. Kashif is dynamic and dedicated professional with 17+ years ...

Usman Shah

Marketing & Communication Strategist
An organized and creative marketing professional with proven marketing and ...

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