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    Profiting is Managing your Risk

    We help you identify and address the risk to accomplish your goal of investment.

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    We Provide Customized Trading Investments

    Our success and reputation as a market leader comes from our tailored venues of investments.

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    A Gateway to Watertight Investment Opportunities

    We have comprehensive knowledge of the technical, regulatory and financial aspects to obtain optimal results in every step.

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    Building an Empowering Business Ecosystem for Sustainable Success

    From strategy designing to execution perfection is observed in all we do.

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    Transforming the Art of Real Estate

    We know how to make your real estate simplified and premium.

Watertight Investments

We actively offer investment in niche markets of real estate, financial markets, physical trade, business brokerage, and agri-division.

Client Service

Our Experts remain updated with latest market trends to educate clients from basic investing concepts to advanced investment strategies.

Market Research

Read in-depth daily market analytics, learn about Risk Management and so much more with our online courses and lessons.

  • Trading Hedging Commodities
  • 24/5 Client Assistance by CTU
  • Highest Standards of Research and Development
  • Cash Settled Futures Deliverable Futures.
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Stock Broking
  • Stock Broking
  • Portfolio Management Strategie
  • Professional Market Research
  • Risk Management
  • Financial Modeling for Retails
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Real Estate
  • Real Estate Project Development
  • Construction Project Management
  • Partnering in Project Development
  • Land Banking
  • Brokerage (Sales & Marketing)
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Business Brokerage
  • Mergers & Acquisition
  • Buy & Sell Business
  • Franchise Brokerage
  • Business Valuation
  • Equity Stake & Start-up Funding
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    Profiting is Managing

    your Risk.

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    There is Always a Bid

    for an Ask

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    24/5 Client Assistance

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    High-Rise of Social & Economic Development

About Our Company

Enrichers Investment Group (EIG)

Enrichers was founded in 2011 by Syed Abdullah Bukhari with a vision to revolutionize the investment industry in Pakistan by means of modern wealth management capabilities and transparent investor relations. At Enrichers, we provide manifold investment opportunities in ever-evolving real estate, financial markets and physical trade, business brokerage, and agri-division.

EIG, per se private equity, uses its productivity frontier to create and execute a customized value plan for our clients to allow them to make smart financial choices contributing to healthy long term returns. Our hierarchy of executives with their intense professional will and acute Risk Management Strategies scrutinizes that all legal due diligence is exercised to avoid any fiscal contingency.

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Enrichers Business Ecology

The Enrichers was seen as a single cell to start with, which has become a Beehive in the form of multiple Enrichers Investment Group (EIG). The Logo for Enrichers was created ten years ago

Nobody knew then, what magnitude it reserved, which evolved only later. The hexagonal shape of its logo, the strongest structure architecturally resembles the honeycomb, the snowflake, and the dragonfly

This shape is contrived by Nature herself, stands for superior performance. This logo enigma seems a part of a Divine Plan and insignia with which we are bestowed as a team enriched with high-tech business skills.

Enrichers’ culture corresponds with its honeycomb logo, facilitating worthy clients with nectar gathered from varied flowering business sectors committed to being Nafay proving true to its name: the Enrichers.

Our Team

Our team of professionals delivers excellence in Financial Markets, Real Estate, & Agriculture. The esteemed composition comprises: